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Trying out and then passing on a travel team

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One of our kids has tried out and made a competitive AAU team at the middle school level.

S is having second thoughts and now might not want to be on the team.

We're in agreement that while S could have a great season with this team, it's not the best fit right now. Nothing has started with practices or anything, but we need to say no thank you before things get rolling.


Is this a big deal to decline joining the team or does this happen fairly often in AAU and travel leagues?

How do we do this without hurting feelings etc.?


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I think it depends on the team. My daughter played on both AAU soccer and softball teams, and both were very competitive and hard to get on. If she declined her spot I am sure they wouldn't have any problem replacing her with someone else from the list, but I have a feeling the coach would be a bit miffed.


It could prevent your kid from being considered at a later time. I'm not saying that you should force them to play if it isn't a good fit, just that it may have repercussions down the road. Some of these AAU teams are a bit rabid about commitment. 

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