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I'm starting to plan high school science for my two older children. I've got a few things that I need to consider. As I mentioned in another thread we're planning to go overseas within a year or two and won't be able to take heaps of books. I'd like to cover in the next four years, biology, chemistry, physics and earth science in no particular order. My dc probably won't go to college but I don't want to rule out that possibility. I don't mind if they have to up grade a bit to get there but I don't want that to be a huge hurdle. We've never done any formal science up to this point but they have exposure to many of the underlying concepts through living books and just intentional exposure. Both my dc think that biology is the most boring subject out there (they're crazy!). We're just finishing MEP 6 and ds is going to move into MEP year 10 (it's strange but you can do that) and dd is going to do MEP 7-9 in 2 years. They wouldn't be ready this year for a math based course.


I'm heavily leaning toward Conceptual Physics this year and then Conceptual Chemistry for the following year and then Apologia biology and Earth Science the following years. I like Apologia because we're Christian and because I can get the text book on a CD which will be really nice for traveling.


I have a few questions though. Are any of the sciences easier to cover earlier? Is one of the Conceptual courses easier than the other? Do the Apologia sciences progress in difficulty? Is there other science curriculum that comes in a CD format? I wouldn't mind one or at most two books per year but I can't count on internet access so a course requiring that just wouldn't work for us. Do you have any other thoughts?

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Although I didn't follow this path with DD (but will for DS), tackling physics first, then chemistry, then biology makes the most sense to me. 


Also, Exploration Education has a physics/chemistry course on CD and a small, lightweight lab kit to go along with it.  My DD did it for middle school, and it isn't rigorous enough for a high schooler planning for a competitive university, but it might fit the bill for you.  If you get that, get the advanced high school option. 

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