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question about art and music appreciation

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I have questions for “Art and Music Appreciation†subject during high school years. How many hours are required for the subject each year? 120 hours for 0.5 credit each year? Do the student need to cover both art and music topics? My son wants to learn photography. Is it enough for the subject? He plays violin, but I want to list it as extra-curricular activity.


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Is use your state graduation requirements as a guideline. In Texas, I believe one fine arts credit is required for graduation. Usually 60 hours is a half credit; 120 hours is a full credit. And yes, I'm counting photography as the fine arts credit for my fourth upcoming graduate.

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Unless your state has other standards for a credit the usual is the 120 for 1 credit, 60 for 1/2 credit and 30 for 1/4 credit.  These are sometimes referred to as a Carnegie credit/unit.  That is the standard most colleges look at.  I know NYS works a little different they have a unit being 108 hours and a 1/2 unit being 54 hours.


You would have to look at your state regs as to if you have to do art and music.  In NYS you need to do art or music during high school and you only need 1 credit.  Photography would definitely cover an art requirement.  Many of the ps around here offer photography as an art choice.

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