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Completely unrelated to Christmas: Is it too late to plant garlic?


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I bought this beautiful garlic and then never managed to get it in in October/November. We're having a warmish few days (high 40s-mid 50s), and I know I can work my soil at the moment. Is there any sense in planting now, or will it just rot? I'm not sure how well I can keep the garlic for the next few months, and once we're in solid freeze mode, I won't be able to get into the soil until early April. 


WWYD? Thanks!


ETA: I'm in zone 6a, if it matters.

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I'm in zone 6b, and the latest I've planted garlic is the end of November. That said, I would give it a try as long as the cloves are not shriveled. Mulch it well to keep the soil from freezing as quickly. If your soil isn't too cold it may have time to put out roots before the ground freezes hard, which is the goal of fall planting. You will have the best chance with hardneck varieties that were previously grown in cold regions.


Good luck!

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