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Question for beauty experts re: mascara


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I wear makeup once a week when we go to Mass (if that).  I have always gotten so frustrated with mascara, because I'll open a new tube and it is great for maybe the first 3 weeks, and then it starts to turn clumpy.  I only use it a few times before it gets so annoying that I toss it and open a new one.  I haven't tried anything fancy, just the drug-store major cosmetic brands (Revlon, Maybelline, Almay etc) and have never found a mascara that behaved much better than the others.


Is there a long-lasting holy grail mascara out there?  Some kind of beauty trick to make it stay clumpless for a very long time?

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You may try keeping your tube in a ziplock bag. Air penetration often causes clumps. But other than that, not big trick. It happens to most brands. Exceptions are the ones that are cake mascara and you wet to apply - they're lovely but harder to work with and can sweat off a bit. For oily ladies they may find less transfer and raccoon eyes though.



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