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Can a cook help me with an idea?


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I want stuffed mushrooms, without the billion steps. Would I get the same result (taste wise) if I just cooked sausage, added onion/mushroom, and then baked with parmesan/cream cheese mixed in? I'm not a great cook but I can follow directions. I can't find a recipe for what I'm imagining. :)



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I have to admit that I can't figure out what you are imagining.  I am imagining a big tray of sausage and mushrooms etc all baked up together as something you scoop up? It almost sounds like stuffing to me, albeit without the bread.  You want the flavour of stuffed mushrooms without having to actually stuff the mushrooms?

Because if that is what you want, it should be fine.  And stuffed mushroom recipies I have seen have mushroom in the filling, so you could just make the filling you like and bake it until cooked and then...eat it with crackers? I don't know, lol. It would be like a chunky pate type thing. I'm sure it would taste good.

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