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Waze or Google: Which is easier to share your location with your spouse?


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My wife went out of town for a week and she wanted to share her location with me on Waze. Waze is more powerful than Google Maps, but it also has more of a "learning curve", because it can do so many more things.  We both had Waze on our Android phones and when she was on the first leg of her trip (from our house to her destination city) I could see on Waze that she was "Driving", but I could not see where she was on the highway.  We were "friends" on Waze and she wanted to share her location with me on Waze.


Then, I Googled and it seemed that after she set up the route, at the bottom of the screen, there should have been an option for her to "Share her ETA" with me.  I think before she came home on Wednesday, she'd already uninstalled Waze from her phone, so I uninstalled it from my phone.


Question: Is there an easy way to do that, with Waze or Google Maps? If so, if you can give me the necessary steps, or a URL with information that works for your family, that shows how to do that, we will appreciate it. TIA!

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Check Life360. We use it all the time and it shows specific locations as well as en route driving.


Thank you for that suggestion!    My wife has Google+ on her phone and I just Reinstalled it on my phone. We are going to give that a try.  If that doesn't work for us, we will try Life360!  

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