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The Teachers Lounge 11-3-2016


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Good morning! The Lounge is now OPEN!


I'm here but not really awake so don't be surprised if you come in to find me snoozing in the recliner!


Anyone else not quite awake yet? Here: see above.


Anyone else having to shift gears this morning and do something other than what was planned first?
Here: was trying to write for NaNoWriMo but my brain and fingers were not cooperating, so I'm going to 

indulge in some more coffee and internet surfing. Maybe even a nap!


What's your weather like today? Here: right now it looks overcast but we'll see how it goes later in the day.


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Good morning! I'm barely awake after being too excited to sleep until about 2:00am. 108 years between World Series wins will do that. DH managed to get ds to 7:30 orchestra and we went to music classes at the public school at 9:30. Baby fell asleep on the way home, so I'm lying down while the big kids are watching science and history DVDs.


It is warm and sunny today, so hopefully we can get a walk in later. After I have more coffee.

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Since I grew up in Illinois, I know how amazing a Cubs World Series win is! Wow!


Hope you have a good nap!


Hubby said he's taking part of today off from the job search. I suggested he take one of the kids out and about today just

to get out of the house. Hopefully he will! He could use a break!

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