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history of architecture


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My son and I were discussing school subjects for the next few years and he has decided he wants to do what he calls " the History of architecture".  He has always been interested in urban planning, civil engineering, and construction.  lately he has been "designing houses".  he will be a young 6th grader next year and I would like to support this interest.  he says he wants to learn it "all"  drawing both manual and on the computer, art and history and famous architects, and wants some hands on stuff.  I would like this course to be sufficient to cover history, science, art and technology, we can devote about 90 minutes a day to it.  He loves to read and reads at a high school level, and does not like graphic novels.  so where would you start?  anyone know a spine we could use?  good bios on architects?  must read or do?  also with science I would guess physics is the best fit, but what topics would be best?  oh we are minecraft free here so nothing to do with that please!  Any help is appreciated!

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