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Pistachio mom

Digital Savvy (Online Course) high school computer course

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Hi. Is anyone familiar with this course or the homeschool programming company?


Here is a link to the course description:


I am looking for possible computer options for my soon to be 10th grader. Here is a link to the syllabus.

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I looked at that class for my rising 9th grader but I ended up enrolling him in a similar course with FundaFunda. You might be interested in taking a look, just as another option.

I don't have any experience with, but based on the syllabus, I think FundaFunda's course covers more ground, teaches skills that will be more relevant for my son (he's past needing some of the beginner "basics"), and will fit our needs better. It costs more than the one you linked above, but FundaFunda also gives your student weekly accountability deadlines - although work is completed asynchronously with no live class component, there is still a deadline each week - and the weekly assignments are submitted to the instructor or TA for grading, and they also answer questions if the student runs into an issue. I didn't see where the course offers outside grading/accountability but I could be wrong. The outside accountability is a big plus for us. 😉 If you don't need that, then the additional expense might not be worth it to you.

My son took a Scratch programming course with FundaFunda last year and he's taking a Spanish class with them this summer . . . both courses have been positive experiences for us. HTH.

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Thank you. It has been a while since I was on the funda funda website. I will revisit it to compare it. I remember they seemed to have some nice course descriptions.



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