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Does anyone use Yousician?


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This is my first topic, despite years of lurking and truthfully getting so many helpful solutions and ideas from the intelligent and thoughtful people who post here that I am indebted to very many of you. (And intimidated. I hope I am asking this in the right place.)


Does anyone here have any experience using Yousician? We have done the free lessons for piano and find them very fun and motivating (I'm learning alongside my daughter), but before I sign up for the premium plan, I'm trying to find out more about it. Also, for those who do play piano, do you think there is a big advantage to learning from the beginning with a live, experienced teacher? Lessons are so expensive, and the two teachers we've had recommended to us both have said they're overcommitted already and cannot do it, but obviously I'd rather start out right. Finally, if you don't use Yousician but have another program your child enjoys that doesn't require parental musicality or talent, I'd welcome any other recommendations, too.

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My son uses it for guitar, so not quite the same as piano, though he has asked to use it for piano too.  We payed the $19.99 or so monthly fee for a few months during the school year (since it was still cheaper than private lessons but we weren't willing to shell out for a whole year) but have let it lapse over the summer.  He still plays for the 30 minutes each day that it allows on the free plan.  He really enjoys it and loves trying to beat his high scores.  He also really likes the variety of music.  That is one thing he complains about now that we aren't paying, that he can't get the really good songs with the free version.


However, my son already knew how to play before picking up Yousician.  I'm not sure he could have learned to play using it.  Piano may be different since there's not quite the same difficulty as far as playing and fingering chords, but we haven't used it for that.  I do think that piano is something you can get pretty far self-teaching.  You won't ever be a concert pianist without a live teacher, by I get by just fine having taught myself for the most part.


So if anything I would continue to use the free lessons while trying to find a teacher, but you can also just pay monthly if you don't want to commit to the whole year.

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