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apps for movement/exercise


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Please help me find some apps to get me moving by myself and with my children!




Anything motivational, fun, interesting, different.


I've heard of from Couch to 5k and something called The Walk, but haven't checked either one of them out yet.



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Couch to 5k has the specific goal of getting you running 5km in a certain number of weeks through the use of interbal training (run for so long, then walk, then run etc with the length of the runs relative to the walk increasing over time).


You can find a basic interval timing app and set it up however you want - different tones will tell you when to move between high and low intensity exercise, and you could decide to run and walk or do push ups and walk or whatever suits you. The one I've used is just called Interval Timer and the icon has 0:30 on it (in case you want to look out for that one).


A friend just sent me this calendar of one's month of Pilates YouTube videos arranged in a logical order: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2013/06/03/beginners-calendar-for-popsters-just-starting-out/

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