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7th Grade Chemistry: Main Text and Living Books

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We had planned on studying life science next year, but dd is loving chemistry and has requested we study that instead.  We are studying for a chemistry contest right now and after that I think a middle school curriculum will be too easy ( I am seriously impressed by what we are learning.  We are covering a lot of things I learned in my high school chemistry class.).  I think she's almost ready for a high school text, but she will only be taking algebra 1 next year.  She especially likes learning about the people and history behind it all, but is very interested in the concepts, too.  Maybe a main text with living books to supplement the history?  She also enjoys lab work.  I studied biochemistry in college, so teaching won't be a problem.  Any ideas?

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Your daughter is pretty much at the same point we are. We're in 6th doing pre-algebra right now, and we'll be doing algebra 1 next year in 7th, and I think we'll be fine with the math levels for these materials.


I've decided to use Conceptual Chemistry after reading several threads on the high school board. It's below where I want her to be in 10th or so, but I think it will be a perfect solid basis for 7th.


I'm basically using a combo of Miller & Levine for bio, Conceptual Chemistry, and Conceptual Physics for 7th and 8th grade. We are doing lots of hands-on microscope, chemistry, and astronomy work. I'm kinda making up my own integrated science somehow these last few years before high school. I'm only at the beginning of designing this approach so that's about all I've got so far. Right now it's just a pile of text books and grandiose ideas in my brain.

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