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Medieval History


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Well, I really thought I posted about this a few weeks ago, but I can't find it.  Maybe I just did a lot of google searches.   :)

I have been contemplating Biblioplan and Beautiful Feet for medieval history.  Any thoughts on these?  I will have a 6th and 3rd grader with a 6 year old that may occasionally sit in.  I know it's listed as 4th-8th, but my 3rd grader is pretty advanced and I really am not expecting the 6 year old to participate.  I've been inspired the past couple of years by Circe.  I would love to find a history and literature program that is "beautiful," that will bring about wonderful discussions, challenging thoughts, ability to really dwell on what we are reading and let it sink in deeply.  I don't want a pile of 100 books to rush through and answer comprehension questions about.  I like the idea of Memoria Press, where the history is trim but deep, but I would really like to keep the history together if possible.  This year we didn't have that.  Any suggestions about these particular options or anything else that you feel like could fill this need?  I would prefer a Christian perspective.


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You might like to look at this:




Some of the resources are specifically Orthodox, but if you want to put something together maybe take a look at the book list because it's a great place to start. It's broken up into three levels, level A for the youngest, level C for the oldest students.

I've never heard of this. I'll take a look!

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