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Camera for indoor sports (fencing)?


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I don't know about that camera, but yes you will need to shoot at a higher iso since it will be low lighting. Will ther be any natural light in the room? You'll not only need to look at the body of the camera, but also the lense itself. How far away are you shooting and will you need a zoom lens?

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This camera is *fabulous* for a beginner and also as a walk-around for a pro.  I have met a number of people who are fanatics about interchangeable lenses--and have the money to spend on them--but this is their walk-around.   http://www.sony.com/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-rx100m2 
Here is the same camera at a better price, in budget.  http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/984408-REG/sony_dsc_rx100m2_b_cyber_shot_dsc_rx100m2_digital_camera.html


It's got a super fast ZEISS lens (1.8), and goes wide- to telephoto in zoom.  You cannot beat a Zeiss lens.  The chip is pretty big for a camera of this size--and I like this physical size because it isn't so tiny that you can't get your hands on it, but it's small enough to tote around anywhere.  This camera has a lot of the controls you get on a DSLR so you can get pretty creative.  And it has WiFi connectivity so you can send the photos using your phone or wireless device.  


I've had Sony's for about 15 years now, and am a fan.  The only thing I really don't like about them is that for my interchangeable camera, there isn't a good option for a wildlife-size lens...400 and so on.  Pooh.  Also, in previous years, they had a really bad interface--too menu driven--but they have taken the criticism to heart and their newer models--last 3 years or so--don't deserve that criticism anymore.


I have also read very good things about the similar model of Panasonic Lumix, and that might be worth a look.  I'm not as familiar with their line.  



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