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Writing - In which order would you do these?

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My dd15 will be finishing up Bravewriter's Help for High School around May. I have several books to use after but I am unsure what would be the best order to go t hough them.


Elements of Style

On Writing Well

The Lively Art of Writing

Writing with a Thesis



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I would break those down into two categories:  readings about writing/style, and essay-writing instructions.  The first two are in the first category, the second two are in the second.  You can absolutely do them concurrently, or alternating.


For concurrent, I'd do LAoW + Elements of Style followed by WWaT + On Writing Well.


For alternating:


Elements of Style


On Writing Well


I like and have used all four of these, so my 2 cents is worth that much, at least.  :)

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