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Singapore placement tests accurate?


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Hi, this is my first post. :-)  I've looked through the archives but haven't seen this question; apologies if this is one that's been beaten to death already.


I have a son in K, and having started school over the summer, we're most of the way through Right Start A. It has not lived up to our expectations. My son finds it really boring, including the games, and has been increasingly complain-y about math. Last year we did Singapore Kindergarten A as a sort of preschool math, and being a kid who doesn't mind workbooks, he loved it. (I'm kicking myself now for not sticking with it.) We're looking into switching back to Singapore, so I gave him the placement test for Singapore 1.He aced it: no errors. This is a kid who regularly claims he doesn't know simple addition facts like 3+4, so I was shocked.


I'd hate to push him into 1B if he's not solid on the concepts from 1A, but I don't want him to be bored and start really hating math, either. Have other folks found the placement tests to be pretty accurate? I guess it's possible he's more comfortable with written tests than answering math problems verbally, and he really does know the material. He's a strong reader but we haven't thought of him as a very mathy kid (maybe we're wrong!)

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I think the placement tests are pretty accurate.   Actually, I think the placement tests are more difficult than what they place you into.   So I think he will be fine in 1B for now.   


PLUS--I think Singapore is really easy to customize.   For example, say you need to slow down later because he reached his limit and just isn't able to absorb the new stuff---well, you can just order the extra practice book and hang out for awhile....or the IP book....or the CWP book.   Basically, Singapore is very easy to customize so that you get *just* enough practice.   

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