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I assume the question was about younger kids and difficult issues in history and historical fiction?


Some parents seem to bend over backward to avoid anything controversial or dark, which seems like a negative to me. But you have to be age appropriate and different kids are ready at different times. I hope you're able to find the right balance for you, Tohru.

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Not sure how this comment is helpful in any way.



I wasn't trying to be unhelpful, Tohru, just pointing out that history is chock full of battles, wars, conflicts, etc.  Completely avoiding it is very difficult.  It can be done, but you would have to choose a very narrow historical topic to study.  One that does not include conflict, wars, battles, etc.  


For example...you could study famous artists!  Or you could study famous historical buildings!  


I apologize if my comment came across the wrong way.  

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I think I do tend to agree that it would be hard. Perhaps since she will be in 3rd next year and two years have passed since Cain and Abel upset here tougher things in history won't upset her as much.


Another thought? Feeling sad, upset, confused, angry etcetera are healthy emotions for kids to experience and go through. Better with you there to guide them through it then later on.

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