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why does Tablet Class Algebra teach topics in different sequence than Foerster? Does it matter?

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We hit a snag with slopes in Algebra using Tablet Class, so I pulled out our Foerster book for extra help/practice. But I noticed that graphing comes much later in the book with Foerster (chapter 7) than it does on TabletClass (chapter 3). I am wondering if there is a reason for this and whether there is an advantage to the sequence in Foerster. My son likes TabletClass but hasn't been doing as well as he historically has done in math. I am not sure whether it's his readiness level or if it's the curriculum. I am not a math person, although I did go through calculus in high school. But it's not my best subject. So I am not sure how to determine if we just need to switch books or if we need to go more slowly or ??

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I wouldn't attach any significance to that difference in sequence.  It seems to me that Foerster is the exception in introducing quadratic topics earlier than other programs.


Maybe you could add specific questions about your difficulties with TC that experienced users could answer.

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