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  1. I just can't decide between TPS (Potter School) and Excelsior for Chemistry next year. Mr. Riesen is teaching it at Potter School. They're both similarly priced. TPS is scheduled for a slightly more convenient time and day for us, but we could do either one. My DS will be a sophomore, and he does not plan to major in a STEM field in college. He is a music person. But he is capable of doing the work. Science and math just aren't his favorite subjects. For him, it's really about the teacher. He does best with in-person classes, but this isn't an option for chem this year. So I'm trying to find the next best thing online. He thrives on positive interaction with a teacher and classmates. He will be taking geometry this year, so he won't have completed Algebra II yet, if that's a factor. Help me decide! :)
  2. Oooh these are good. I tried looking at the catalog for our local CCs but didn't find much.
  3. My son is creating a you tube channel; his videos will consist of scripts that he writes to analyze various topics related to video game development and computer programming. It is sort of like a podcast, only he is creating videos to go with the audio. He will be writing the script, creating the visuals for the video using various graphic software, recording the audio (him speaking, music, etc), and editing the videos. What would I call this class? We are thinking it could be broken up into two courses, one semester each. So one would be the writing component, and one would be the audio/visual component. They would be done concurrently, starting this summer. It will be enough work for a complete course, so I'm not worried about that. Has anyone done this before?
  4. This is good advice about re-reading the question. I will have him focus on doing this more. It's hard for me to help him because I have NO IDEA what any of it is. I was liberal arts. One encouraging thing was today he found out that his grade is right around the average for the class. So it's not too bad. And he has decided he is going to do his best and not stress about needing an A in the class. I think he has a good attitude about it. He wants to learn it, and will work at it, but if he doesn't make an A then it won't ruin him.
  5. This is a good idea! I hadn’t thought to buy a test prep book this early in the year. 🤦‍♀️ I bet that would help! i don’t think there is one particular concept, but I’ll talk to him again. We went over his last test together, and he made mistakes like only completing half of the problem (Question asked for total force exerted on a driver of a car and he only calculated horizontal force but forgot vertical), forgetting a negative sign, and using the wrong formula. I’ve asked him to start doing more practice problems from the book. Hoping that will help. But he already seems to spend a lot of time on the class, so I’m hesitant to add too much more and have his other classes suffer as a result.
  6. If you're student has taken AP Physics C Mechanics with Jack Kernion through PA Homeschoolers, what was your experience? This class is really tough for my kid. He is working hard just to get a B. I'm not too worried about the grade, but we are a little concerned about how he will perform on the AP test. Has anyone made a B in this class but still done well on the AP test? If so, did it take a lot of extra studying at the end? Is the class harder than the actual exam? We've thought about hiring a tutor, but the class already takes up a lot of his time. Has anyone done this?
  7. Thanks, this is helpful. My son said he wants to do the PAH class to get the class discussions, so we will go with that.
  8. Has anyone taken AP Physics C (now called Mechanics, E&M) through Physics Prep? I'd like to hear reviews on this one. It's cheaper than Kernion's PA class, so I'm wondering what people think of it.
  9. Is the new version of Teaching Writing with Structure and Style worth the cost? I don't currently own it. I borrowed the first edition and have started watching them. I think I want to buy them so I can refer to them again later. But the first edition is a lot cheaper on ebay than the current edition. Is it significantly better?
  10. Thank you for sharing this! We have AP Calc AB and Honors Physics through Derek Owens on our list for next year for 11th grade. Good to know someone loves it! Did you find that keeping on pace to finish in a year was difficult? We did DO for Precalc this year and my son got behind (he had robotics, which is super time consuming). He is now trying to catch up so he can finish by mid-June.
  11. Has anyone purchased this recently? Any thoughts on it? I'm thinking of buying it for my two high schoolers. The sample videos look pretty good, although I have some concerns about starting at the beginning with subject and verb as he does in the first module. It's hard to know how this will be implemented. It's so new that it's hard to know what to think. I'm hoping someone bought it at a convention this year and has watched some of it. Anyone?
  12. I've been scouring the forum but I'm still undecided. My son is doing Precalc with Derek Owens this year (10th grade). He wants to major in Computer Science (he already does a ton of programming in his free time). Here are the options I'm considering for next year. Help me choose! 🙂 Option 1: AP Physics C Mechanics / E&M (PAH) AP Calc AB with Derek Owens Option 2: AP Physics C Mechanics only AP Calc AB with Derek Owens Option 3: Honors Physics with DO AP Calc AB with Derek Owens If we do Option 3, should we then do AP Physics C his senior year? He has already done Bio and Chem (not AP or even honors, at our local PSP). He has also done java programming. If we do Option 1 or 2, these will be his only AP classes next year. He might do a local Honors US History with AP exam, but we may decide to do US History at home instead because he isn't that into history. He likes to have free time to code - he creates games using Unity. It's hard to know how he would handle the Physics C class without Calculus. So far Precalculus is going well (not done yet). We probably wouldn't do Calculus BC because we like Derek Owens and would prefer to stick with him. Plus, the PAH class is SO much more expensive! Also, what science would we do for 12th grade??
  13. Does anyone else have a kid taking AP Computer Science A this year? Can we chat about best resources for studying? We have the Barron's book. I looked at the College Board web store, but the only full exam they still sell is from 2009. I have only found more recent sample questions for the multiple choice exam in the Course Description and plenty of sample FRQs. How is everyone studying this year? I also just saw that they are changing the course and exam next year to make it easier. I guess that will mean a brand new test with no previously released prep material, which would be sketchy. But an easier exam....
  14. I just wanted to post a follow up for people who might find this thread in a google search. We ended up switching to Chalkdust for the remainder of Algebra 2. It made a HUGE difference. He regained his confidence and made it through the rest of the class. He still hit a couple of speed bumps, but nothing major. And once he got past them he was fine. So I would definitely recommend a change for anyone struggling with Foerster's.
  15. I ended up getting a copy of the new edition. It is dramatically different. However, some of those things are still in there. The defense attorney remark is still there, to my surprise.
  16. Thanks! This is helpful. I plan to use other things with the Pelican Society membership, so it's worth it.
  17. Is Center for Lit offering any discounts at the GHC convention? What discount does membership in the Pelican Society provide for the Teaching the Classics DVD set?
  18. Do you mind if I ask what other extra books you did? ETA: You are right about using WttW before EIL. Sounds like we will do that for my 8th grader and start EIL in 9th (or at least not right at the beginning of 8th grade). I found this review that discusses this - it is super helpful. Putting it here for anyone else who might stumble upon this thread. http://www.debrabrinkman.com/2011/10/review-excellence-in-literature.html
  19. Help me decide between Windows to the World using the Jill Pyke syllabus and the first level of Excellence in Literature Introduction to Literature (by Janice Campbell). This will be for my 8th grader. He is a natural writer, but could use more instruction on essay writing. We limped our way through the first half of Lost Tools level 1, then switched to Bravewriter this year, which was a hit but isn't what I want to teach going forward. Both WttW and EiL look good so I can't make up my mind. I already own Windows to the World (haven't used it), but not Teaching the Classics, so the Jill Pyke syllabus would cost more. If anyone has used both and could compare them that would be awesome!
  20. CompuScholar must be stoked. They are still affordable. That’s what we are planning to do now plus a tutor for the free response section.
  21. This is a huge bummer. This was my plan for AP computer science. And from what I have been told by moms who walked this road, if you don't take a live class, it's helpful to have a tutor to help prepare for the section where they write their own program. So if I have to pay $550 plus a tutor, that's too much. Potter's school isn't even offering that class this year. I've looked at CompuScholar but liked Edhesive better. Argh.
  22. I am looking at this text for a co-op next fall. I have access to the 2008 edition, but not the 2016 edition. I found errors in the 2008 edition that concern me. I also see lots of evidence of bias that go beyond just revealing his personal perspective on government. Can someone tell me whether the 2016 edition still says the following: In the chapter on the Federal Case, the 2008 edition says that a defense attorney's job is to get his client "off the hook." Is this in the 2016 edition? In the chapter on the judiciary (I think), he is discussing a civil case and says "if the defendant if found guilty..." (this is incorrect - in a civil case, a defendant is liable, not guilty) In the 2008 edition, there is an inset that says the Clinton impeachment was a result of the Whitewater investigation (this is also incorrect). Did this get changed in the new edition? I don't want to buy the new edition if we aren't going to use it for the co-op, and I can't seem to find anyone local I can borrow it from. So I would really appreciate help with this!
  23. So, we did the Saxon placement test today just to see where he is. The odd thing is, he performed better on the questions that apply to 6/5 than the earlier questions for 5/4. He was only one shy of passing the section to place into 6/5 but he really had a hard time on the earlier section. So odd. But this was encouraging to me. I figured out he needs to work on division, fractions, and learning math facts. He also needs some review on basic geometry (he couldn’t remember how to find area, but he knew perimeter). He also needs to review multi-digit multiplication. He did much better once I let him use a multiplication table. Not knowing facts really trips him up even more than I realized. So he has some big holes in what he can do rather than just not knowing any 4th grade math at all. I plan to have him do the end of the year test for math mammoth as well and use it as a further diagnostic tool. Then we can hone in on some things for the last few weeks this year and over the summer. Then maybe, just maybe, he won’t be as far behind as I thought. Maybe he will be able to get through what he needs to start 5th grade math by December. I’m hoping. Thank you so much for all of the resources and input you have all given. It has been so helpful. Thank you for being such good cheerleaders! I really really needed that. And so did he!
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