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How to start a letter to this family....( memorial wording)

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I knew this mom and I have pictures to share, but I'm not sure how to start writing some memories down....have any of you had to do this and share memories with a family? Should I address it to the children? No one, just write my thoughts? Any suggestions? Thanks,


Little more background, I met her about 6 years ago when we were both in the same homeschool co-op. I lost contact with her after she left the co-op, but knew that she had MS. She got worse about a year ago and was in the hospital, at which point, I did go see her. My other friend was in Pre-term labor and was up there and another friend pointed out that Kris was there also and that I should stop in. She did not remember me, which I knew that she wouldn't (at this point her long term memory was gone, her brain was being attacked with tumors), but I know had I not gone and seen her, I would always regretted it. It was heartbreaking for me to see her but I was able to tell her who I was and how I remembered her. She has four children that she homeschooled and then had to put into school. After I visited her about last December, she was moved to a nursing home where she eventually passed away just this January.

This was the e-mail that I got:


I’m sure many of you are aware that Kris Werner, former home school mom and friend to many of us, died on January 7. Joseph has given his blessing for us to make a scrapbook of memories of Kris for the kids. Can you help? Here’s all you need to do. Start writing down your memories of Kris. They can be short or long and you might have one or many. You can handwrite or send me an e-mail or find pictures that you have. It can be a memory just of Kris and you, but we definitely want as many that include Kris and the kids as possible. Don’t feel like your memory is too little. Some of those little, normal things seem to be their favorites.


I’d like to get a book started fairly soon, so it would be great if you could give me whatever comes to mind within the next two weeks. However, there will be no limit. If you think of something next month or next year, just jot it down and give it to me then and we’ll add it to the book.


With Joseph’s blessing, I’m going to be asking people from all areas of Kris’s life, so feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might have something to contribute or give their name (and contact info if you have it) to me and I’ll contact them.


I’m going to be collecting the memories, but then several other people are going to help put everything together in a scrapbook. If you like scrapbooking and would enjoy doing a few of the pages, let me know.

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