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I recently purchased this book:




and we really love it. But, it is way too simple for my oldest son. So, I am trying to find an adult book about microbes that has lots of lovely pictures of the actual germs.  I don't really want to freak him out with pictures like from my nursing school and microbiology textbooks of half eroded body parts or something. I am thinking of pictures of what you would see through the lens of a microscope. Is there a field guide sort of book about microbes out there- both pathological and common? Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate it! :)

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I have been looking for something like this as well and have not found it. Here is what I have found.

A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory
I haven't purchased this yet but it looks like what you decribe. However the price tag is high.

A Field Guide to Bacteria (Comstock Book)
This one is more of a naturalists guide to bacteria and doesn't have a lot of pictures.

Bacteria: Staph, Strep, Clostridium, and Other Bacteria (A Class of Their Own)
This one has cool pictures and art but certainly not a field guide, and is written for children.

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