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Oak Park Illinois?

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I'm always looking to find other LOCAL homeschoolers who might have similar philosophies.  We live in Oak Park IL and have 3 children: 7, almost 5, and 2.  We live in a large enough area that I assume they are out there, so I thought I'd post on this board.  We aren't part of a coop (the local coop around here that I have found is a classical conversations group.  Though we utilize their timeline, since I didn't want to use their materials exclusively as our "spine", we decided not to take up one day each week for a coop, though I'm always torn on whether we should have done that just for the social aspect.  )  But I assume there MUST be others in this general area with a WTM framework we might network with . . . If you're out there, I'd love to hear from you :-)  Up for networking with those in Chicago proper or other Western suburbs too.






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Are you Christian? There is a big Christian homeschooling support group based in Oak Park.


We're in the city proper but are much more Charlotte Mason (based on her writings - not the "gentle art of learning" ideas that really don't have much to do with what she really wrote).



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We are Christian.  I appreciate lots of Charlotte Mason.  That's why I generally call myself "eclectic classical Christian " when I describe our style, as I've drawn things from multiple sources that suit our family.  What is the name of the group you're talking about?  The only one I know of is Classical Conversations.  Did I somehow miss a group here?

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I don't live there now, but for many years I lived in Chicago on the border of Oak Park.


There is a large group called TEACH. We were members for several years, but that was many years ago.


There is also a co-op called One Day Enrichment that meets on Fridays at Judson Baptist Church. We had a great experience with this group.


There is also an unschoolers group called HOUSE, but I don't know much about them.


There are also a few Classical Conversations groups both in Oak Park and in Elmhurst.


A lot of homeschoolers are involved with the local Spotlight Theater group.

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