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Basic 1st & 2nd Grade Plans


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Here is our story. I have two school aged children 6 and almost 8. Public school grades would be 2nd and 1st. The second grader has been through Abeka K and almost all the way through Abeka 1st. We are burnt out on it and ready for a change. (We were trying to do DVDs) She is an excellent math student, handwriting is great, but she is a below average reader. My first grader has had no former schooling until this year. I tried abeka k with him last year and it was a disaster. He had a severe speech delay. He didn't talk until he was 4 so I thought delaying school another year for him was best. That has proved to be true because we started working on letter sounds with abeka again this year and it's been light years easier. But I've decided I can't look at another year of all abeka so this is what we've been doing for about a week.


2nd grade-

All about Reading- I have levels one and two ready. Since she is a struggling reader I wanted to take her back to beginning to gain confidence. She is going really quickly through 1 and we are both enjoying it. I think she will also do well with 2. 3 is where we might need to slow down.

All about spelling- I plan on adding this when we are a little further into AAR.

R&S english 2- I know we wouldn't have to do this, but we do it together and she writes some of it out and I count that as handwriting practice. She enjoys it.

CLE Math 2- she tested ready for 200 level. This came today and we will start tomorrow.


1st grade

AAR- he is on lesson 3 and making progress

Pentime handwriting

CLE math 1


I'm not worried about any extras right now. My main goal is to get them reading well this year. Does this look okay? I need some reassurance :)

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I think it's good!


Working on reading and some math is pretty important.


If you add in lots of reading aloud and library books about whatever it should be great.

Personally I'd be inclined to add in some history partway through the year, but you could just make that read-alouds anyway.

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