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A glimmer of hope in a stressful time


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DD8 has been going through a very rough patch behavior wise and is seeing a therapist if nothing else then just for a chance to talk away from her siblings to an objective adult. I have been putting off telling her that DS gets to have a special surf lesson from a special needs surf camp this weekend because she really wanted to have surfing lessons but the few places around that took kids her age were not in our budget and now we are moving 2 months sooner than expected so she will not get a chance to surf. Given recent behavior I expected yelling, stomping around, and days full of snarking and lashing out  at her brother verbally because "it's not fair" but surprisingly she took it well and we planned out things she could do at the beach while DS is having his lesson. Now if the positive attitiude keeps up through movers packing next week and 4 days in a car together I think it might qualify as a miracle.

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