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Another ? for horizons math

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Scroll down to the Horizons Readiness test.....





Thanks, I think this well help determine if I need to put him in level 1 or level 2. I was planning on putting him in level 1 workbook2, but I'm not sure if I should start him with workbook1 instead. I don't think that placement test will tell me that.

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I switched to Horizons Math around Thanksgiving. My ds7 was finishing Singapore 1B at the time. I went ahead and started him with book 1 of 1st grade, but we've moved quickly through it. There were some things that he hadn't yet done, so I'm glad we went ahead and started with workbook 1. We are about to finish it in the next 2 weeks and will move onto workbook 2.


For the things he thought were easy, we chose whether or not to do all the problems. Many times I will do the writing for him while he gives me the answers for things that seem easy (he tends to get stressed out about too much writing, but is capable of doing so much more orally.)


It boosted his confidence to see that there were things he already knew, but at the same time it is filling in things that he hasn't done before.


Starting with book 1 worked best for us.

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