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Lessons about study abroad - so far


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She's been gone all of three days.


If there is an opportunity to go early, go.  I'm so happy she is dealing with these issues and not going to class at the same time.  One new experience at a time!  


If you can't go to housing until the program starts, still go a day early and find a hotel/hostel/family.  DD flew in the day she could check in.  Only gave herself enough time to actually get to the university.  She didn't allow time for customs.  <shaking head>  The airline lost a bag so she missed the program check-in.  She was able to check in the next day, but I'm sure she was worried.


Suitcase- take a picture if it has a combination.  We sent her with a very old case with a built in combination.  I said something about locking it but none of us knew the combination so we didn't.  (It was open at the time.  All of us could have looked at it right then!)  The combination got spun in transit and still no one knew what it was.  Heartbreaking to try and help her via facetime when she hadn't slept for 35 hours.  (Couldn't sleep on the plane)


Plan for things not to be right.  Her info said linens included.  But she got there and there were no sheets or towels.  Just a pillow and comforter.  Even if she had taken a king size sheet to wrap up in, she would have been happier that first night until she got sheets and towels.


Another suitcase issue - the airline lost one of her bags.  She packed with all her clothes in one bag and all her other stuff in the other.  Thankfully it was the "other" bag they lost.  She still had her clothes.


Some things you just can't tell them.  Like the packing issue.  And the sheets.  She kept insisting they had them.


Things keep looking up for her.  Like she found a discount grocery and found things really cheap.



laundry detergent, a two pack of toilet paper, bread, sandwich turkey meat, sandwich cheese, and pretzels for 6.40€




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I hope she'll have a great time in Germany.


One suggestion ~ Have her find out where available health services are.  My daughter (then in New Zealand for a semester abroad) was fortunate to know where the student clinic was when she needed to go there half an hour before the start of a week long student break.




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