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Question about TOG and literature...


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We're in our first year of using TOG (yr.3) with one UG and one UG/D. I'm wondering if TOG is lacking any in the actually studying the literature, as in literary terms, etc. (things studied when you follow a lit guide.) I can't recall seeing much of that in TOG and wonder if I need to supplement.


Any help would be appreciated!



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Trying to remember what Marcia said in her Teaching with Tapestry workshop. There is probably nothing like lit analysis for the UG level - at that age, they feel that all that's needed is to read the books - the necessary info will stick. Although they do include literature worksheets to go along with the books for that level, they probably do not include a lot of actual literary terms, etc. I don't know how "deep" the questions are for that stage.


For dialectic level, there are literature discussion outlines in the teacher notes. I haven't read through them much, but they look quite thorough. The kids also have (in their student pages) Thinking and Accountability Questions - which should help them with your discussions, if they focus on trying to answer them as they do the readings.


I know there is a lot of literature analysis in the Rhetoric level.


Have you downloaded either of the 3-week samples? You may want to just look at the UG/D pages on one of the samples, plus check the teacher's notes and see if you can't find what you're looking for.


Hopefully someone who's actually using those levels will be more help. :)


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Thanks for the info! No, I don't have Writing Aids. We are using Rod & Staff for grammar, and Wordsmith Apprentice for comp help this year.


I will have to look in the D and R levels of TOG for the discussion and analysis questions. I just wondered if they are "as good as" using a separate literature guide for the books.

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