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Opinions needed.. HOD or Notgrass ATB

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My plan was to use HOD Preparing and then move on to HOD CTC ect... However, she has been in public school the past several years and the history was pretty much a joke!  She really needs a good understanding of American History.  I know she will get to it eventually with HOD, but it'll be several years.


THEN, I found out about ATB and I love it!  If I go that route, then I would do ATB over 2 years (she is an older 4th grader), then move on to Uncle Sam and You from Notgrass and just continue with Notgrass for High School.


OR, do ATB in one year and move on to HOD.  My problem, is I am wondering if HOD will actually work for us or not.  I love the way it "looks" but not sure how it would play out actually doing it.  ATB seems very easy to implement and she can do it on her own for the most part.


Opinions?  Someone map this out and tell me what to do!! LOL LOL

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There have been some other ATB threads, so you might check them out. My son did ATB for fourth grade, all in one year. He read most of the literature, he read the selections from We the People, and he did the timeline and mapwork. He was able to do it independently, and he LOVED it. We're doing Uncle Sam next.

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