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teaching the classics-books?? how many credits?

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If I decide to use the TTC and the World View Supplement will this take the whole year?  I will be working with a 10th grader.  Also, are there particular books that are recommended?  Or should I count on needed to create a literature book list as well.  Finally, how would this count in terms of credit and course description?

Thanks so much!!

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No personal experience with TtC, but from reading what others have said in threads, my understanding is that the program is written to the parent to help teach the parent how to lead literature discussion (through 5 major literary elements and the Socratic method of questioning). The Worldview supplement is very similar, just focusing specifically on how to discuss worldview in Literature. People on this Board often do it together with their student to both learn how to discuss literature. The program is not a stand-alone Literature program nor is it a guide to specific works of Literature, so it's not really geared for being counted as a credit. 


In looking over the table of contents and sample pages, I personally can't see that it would take more than 6 weeks to go over both of TtC and the Worldview supplement, which is roughly a third of a semester. So you would definitely need to use the Appendices in one or both of the programs to create a book list for your Literature (or, books of your own choosing to make your own book list).


Another option would be to also get Windows to the World and the Jill Pike syllabus for a full year / 1-credit of English. The Jill Pike syllabus schedules TtC and WttW, plus adds material, to create a 1-year program.


Windows to the World teaches more on Literature: annotation, how to write a literary analysis essay using your annotations, and then covers additional literary devices, all through focusing on 6 short stories. It is a stand-alone, 1-semester program.


The Jill Pike syllabus is a schedule, and student work pages (3 O.Henry short stories included "Ransom of Red Chief", "After Twenty Years", and "The Cop and the Anthem"), and guide material to 3 longer works (To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, and Hamlet).



In answer to your final question: JMO: alone, I would not count TtC and Worldview supplement as credit (see my first paragraph for why). BUT, I would include them as materials used towards a credit. For a course description, it would all depend on what Literature I decided to use. For example: if using the WttW and Jill Pike syllabus, a course description might look something like:


English 9 (or, English I): Introduction to Literature

Introduction to literary analysis and writing the literary analysis essay. Instructional materials included: Teaching the Classics (Adam & Missy Andrews); Windows to the World (Lesha Myers); and Syllabus for Introduction to Literary Analysis (Jill Pike). Works read include: ….. (and then add a sentence or two of major topics covered, student's written output, etc.) 


Hope that helps! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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