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Logic of English question


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Essentials is all in one reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary for ages 7/8 up to adult.  You can pace Essentials how you like and they give pacing suggestions in the book and probably on their website too.  Some people work an accelerated pace for students who need to learn to read now not over the course of years.


I personally have used only the spelling and parts of the vocabulary of Essentials for over a year with my older two sons.  Some people do everything, some people do just parts.  I teach one lesson per week and we are almost done (we have taken some breaks too).  My main issue was that my oldest was a good reader but abysmal speller (currently 4th grade).  So I was remediating his spelling.  My 2nd son was just along for the ride, I figured it couldn't hurt (he's currently 2nd grade)


I have also used Foundations A and B with my Kindergarten daughter.

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I currently plan to use essentials for about 2 years. There are 40 lessons so you can do 1 lesson a week, or 1 lesson a day depends on your student etc. it is very flexible. Then there is a second set or advanced spelling lists available for free. The idea is that you go back through the content of the book and use the advanced lists, which the way the book is written will work quite well.


I actually started essentials with my 6 y/o at a slow pace. It was working well. Then I decided to add in my advanced 4 y/o and switched to Foundations for both of them. Which is even better.


Once we finish foundations I hope to go back to essentials for my (will be by then) 7 y/o. I plan to work through about 1 lesson a week, then repeat one lesson a week with the advanced spelling lists when she is 8. My 5 y/o will probably tag along for this, she has quite advanced language skills, so it is rather hard to predict with her.

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