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  1. We began meeting again in person last May with some masking and distancing. Much of that is now going away. We have not had a single case of transmission at our church.
  2. Yes -- thanks for this. We don't use the word courtship per se, but I hope to help my children avoid the indiscriminate type of dating that I and my friends experienced in high school. At the time it was alternately fun and heartbreaking and didn't aid in my development. My parents were largely absent from my dating experiences. I find much of the "courtship" ideas creepy and for my own kids hope to strike a balance. I prefer the term intentional dating.
  3. That sounds stressful. I just spent a day altering a prom dress and Google was very helpful.
  4. I did a burrito bar last June. People who feel comfortable with that will come and eat. People who don't will either eat at home or not come.
  5. Well, I think that our graduation parties have been fun. We often have 150-200 people coming and we have food available all night. We do have a swimming pool, so that helps. We also set up volleyball, spike ball, corn hole, ladder ball and other outdoor games. Our kids would love a gaga pit, but so far we haven't done that. If you could find a way to rent or build a temporary one, that would be popular with the teens who hang around here. Right now, spike ball is the most popular game and they're not too expensive and you can set up several in a small space.
  6. We're considering buying a property that we can use as an Airbnb that could also be used as a vacation spot for our family. If you've done that, how has it worked for you? We live in the eastern part of the country, so it would be nice if it was within reasonable driving distance from us. Other than location, what kind of things should we be looking for?
  7. I watched the first episode of The Long Song. I liked it as well, and I may get around to watching more.
  8. I'm thankful she was found. Praying that she turns her life around.
  9. Praying for your niece -- and the whole family who is waiting to hear.
  10. So, what do you think? I'm looking at ordering a runner for my kitchen. The one that I have in there is from rugs.usa and I loved it, but it's not machine washable and it really needs to be!
  11. I love my Cutco knives. I've had mine for over 20 years now. I've sent them in to be sharpened a time or two and when I sent one in that had a broken tip, they sent me a brand new knife. Great customer service. This paring knife is $67 https://www.cutco.com/products/product.jsp?item=paring-knife And this one is $69 https://www.cutco.com/products/product.jsp?item=4-inch-paring-knife You could probably search for better deals on them though.
  12. I got tested a few weeks ago. I made an appointment on a Monday, got tested on Tuesday morning and received results on Friday morning. It was a drive-through facility and I waited about 15 minutes and did a self-test. They took my insurance information, but I didn't need to pay anything and it was advertised as 'free' testing.
  13. If you're part of a homeschool co-op, what is your co-op doing in response to COVID? Are you meeting? Do you have any restrictions?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. We have a large age range, but the specific group that I'm hoping to make happy is the teen to young adult group. I'm not even sure where we're staying in the area, but we have transportation so we're willing to travel around.
  15. Our family will be spending a few days in Orlando in early December for a family reunion. Any suggestions for things to do with a large group that aren't too expensive? We're more of a beach/hiking/natural beauty kind of family than a Disney/crowded places kind of family -- even before the virus, and now we definitely want to avoid that type of place.
  16. I wouldn't count on a fever being the best indicator. A family of five who are friends of ours all got COVID this summer and none of them ever had a fever over 99.
  17. We installed one last year in the addition of our house. Our addition is over 2,000 sq feet, is well insulated and has new windows, so those could be factors. We only have one unit and it takes care of most of the addition, although we sometimes turn on a propane stove in the basement. We live in PA and needed no secondary heat source for last winter.
  18. The murder was true. It happened near me, but it was a murder/suicide and I'm not sure it was related to the virus. Sad though.
  19. You must be in my co-op!! Yes, it's all the co-op moms sharing it. (sigh) I listened to it, evaluated it, listened to counter-arguments posted by trusted sources and then shared those. No one wants to read the counter arguments -- so frustrating.
  20. Sorry if someone already said this.... I don't have time to read all the comments; but do those people buy insurance? Life, health, property, etc. ?? If they follow the same logic, they shouldn't buy insurance either. They should have faith. They also shouldn't have any money set aside for an emergency. They should have faith that God will take care of them. Did they get any vaccines? Do they seek medical treatment when they have a health problem? At least be consistent.
  21. We have a dog and three cats PLUS two extra cats that have appeared and hang out in our barn eating all of our cat's food. 😞 And, we added a baby bunny during the SIP.
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