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Does a schedule exist for BFSU (all levels)?

Vida Winter

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We've been doing one topic a week for the first level in this order:


D-3: Draw/read maps (We started geography at the same time.)
D-3A: N/S/E/W
D-4: Land forms & Biomes
A/B-1: Categories
B-2: Living/ Nonliving
B-3: Plants/Animals

B-4A: Same/Different
B-4B: Species
A-2: Solid/ Liquid/ Gas
A-3: Air

A-4: Particles/ Matter
C-1: Energy makes things go
A-5: Distinguishing materials
A-5A: Magnets
D-1: Gravity
D-2: Day/Night
D-5: Earth’s turning
D-6: Seasons
A-6: Air Pressure
A-7: Air: a mixture
A-8: Evaporation & condensation
C-2: Sound/ vibrations
C-3: Kinetic energy
C-4: Matter vs. Energy
B-4: Life Cycles

B-5: Food chains
B-10: Plant structure
B-11: Seeds
B-12: Plants, Soil, Water

A9 Solutions
A10 Rocks, Minerals, Soil
D8 Rocks and Fossils
B6  Skeletons and Muscles
B7 Animal Phyla
B8 Nervous System
B9 Energy to run the body
D7 Gravity, Mass, and Weight
C5 Inertia
C6 Friction
C7 Forces
D9 Resources


There's a blog called Nurture Creek with some interesting ideas.

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