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CAP with IEW


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It seems like CAP and IEW work on pretty different skill sets although I don't own either yet, I'm just reading through threads and looking at online samples. Anyone use both? Maybe rotating days or weeks? Is it worth it? Total overkill? Too much overlap? 


LegoMan is at the point his narrations are pretty decent and he's taking dictation for his entire narration (generally three sentences using the passages from WWE2 to make it open and go for me). He also does well taking 4-6 sentences of dictation in AAS5 several times a week.

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I can't imagine using both. The approach is different enough that it could be confusing. That depends on the child of course. Doing both does seem like overkill to me, I'd pick one or the other. (Cue someone else posting to say how much they enjoy using both!)


My 9yo is doing CAP Fable along with WWE3 because the dictation and narration in WWE3 is more challenging and I think he needs to continue to work on those skills. We alternate weeks, he was nearly halfway thru WWE3 when we started Fable.


Is there a particular reason you want to use both? What skills are you looking for that one has over the other? We tried IEW's Bible Heroes program (second grade program) and found the approach too formulaic for ds. We're loving CAP. That doesn't mean we won't try the higher levels of IEW at some point, but for now we're sticking with CAP/WWE.

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