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Compare MP CC to CAPs W & R ? pros/cons....

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Has there been a thread comparing these Memorial Press Classical Composition and CAPs W & R programs? If so can someone link me? OR compare the 2 programs for me? This would be for my upcoming 3rd grader. 


If someone has also used CAPs Reading & Reasoning program I would love to hear some feedback on that as well. 






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My DD is in 5th grade, and a very reluctant writer.  She can write creatively, but hates anything else, and it's like pulling teeth to get her to retain non-fiction writing instruction. She doesn't fight me or anything; she just stresses out, fails to write anything, gets disappointed in herself and is reduced to tears.  It frustrates her because she doesn't know why she can't learn to write non-fiction reports or essays. I ache for her and try to be encouraging rather than too strict because she puts herself through so much punishment.  This is a kid who wrote a play for her theater group that's in rehearsals now and being performed this May!


I bought MP's CC last fall thinking we'd start with that and see how it went.  It didn't get very far.  DD absolutely hated it.  Constantly rewriting the same fable (3X) almost killed her love of fables!  I actually hated teaching it.  It's the same thing for each fable over and over again.  Now don't get me wrong, I do like other MP products, (Latin w/their grammer, FMOMA) just not this one.  It didn't fit with our family.


I can't comment on CAP W&R because we haven't tried that.  So I can't help you there.  It looks very similar to MP CC, so I'm afraid to even contemplate bringing it into the house.  I've gone back to the beginning by working on narrations and outlining.  DD is putting together a US History book with maps, narrations, outlines, and timelines of the founding of our nation, the 13 colonies, and American Revolution.  We will continue this book through next year as we finish American History with TOG.  So far, this has helped her more than any other program we've tried.  She still gets worked up if she sees she has to do a narration, but she actually gets it written now.  In fact, she cranked out a report on Ben Franklin in no time which shocked her.  She is seeing the fruits of her labor and each little victory is celebrated.

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Thank you for your insight. Writing is a struggle here as well. We have been only doing "creative" writing so far for 2nd and WWE 2. We will be doing most of the MP grade 3 package (using CAPs LFC A instead of LC1). The 3rd grade starts with intro to composition which from what I was told mirrors WWE 3. I am looking ahead to CC or W & R Fable program to see which direction we will go. 



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