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Hake Grammar Question, starting older child

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How "easy" is the writing instruction in Hake, for a person who lacks skill (myself) in grammar and composition?  I want this to be pretty independent as I am not good in this area but I want it to be really step by step in learning.  I like programs in grammar and writing that have more repetition.  I am always so worried about what I get because of the instruction and my lack of knowledge in this area!

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I know that when I did CGE, after doing 4, I truly could have chosen 5 or 6, since they're identical except for the amount of work load. Since dd was older, she could have just done 6 easily.  I know if I needed the review we could just do extra practice.  With Saxon, it "could" be the same way.  I've only used 6 so far.  I know that having no prior experience other than the basic parts of speech, 6 could be a little rough.  So again it depends on what they've already had.  The older they are, the quicker they understand the material (usually ;)).    If they're coming in green, I'd say not 6.   


I have not done 5, so I don't know.  Have you taken the TOC and compared them side by side?  Sometimes that's helpful in knowing if it's just a duplicate.



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I do not know what 5 entails for Writing.  "I" think 6 is just right for the level, although I feel it's missing some topics.  Having not come from this program from the beginning, I'm not sure if some topics were covered early on, but they're not on the scope and sequence. 


Hopefully someone else will answer this.  It's okay for me...I'm not a writer.  I found it not to be a problem, but dd loves to write and is good at it, so I should be silent on this. :lol:

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