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  1. Thank you for closing the circle for us, dear sister in Christ. I am reminded of 2Cor.3:18 every time I think of your courageous son. "But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." He ran a good race and has handed the torch over to you. May it burn brightly and may the light of Christ illuminate your path and warm your heart. Memory eternal.
  2. Oh Eaglei, what a blessing it has been to behold the courage and faith of your dear son and family over the course of what you have shared with us--a tiny sliver of your day to day experience. We have all been moved and inspired by your witness to Christ. We are praying for the peaceful repose of your beloved son. May his memory be eternal. May the love and mercy of God fill your days with peace and comfort.
  3. Still praying for your son and your family. Lord have mercy. (((Hugs)))
  4. Still praying for your son. O Christ, Who alone art our Defender: Visit and heal Thy suffering servant Eagle's son, delivering him from sickness and grievous pains. Raise him up that he may sing to Thee and praise Thee without ceasing, O Thou Who alone lovest mankind.
  5. Continuing to pay for you all. Lord have mercy.
  6. Oh dear (((Eaglei)))...Hold firm to the 23rd Psalm. Praying for you, your son, your family, your friends, and the attending medical professionals caring for your boy. God bless and keep each of you. I will keep my candle lit for you all tonight. Peace be with you.
  7. Heavenly Father, physician of our souls and bodies, Who have sent Your only-begotten Son and our Lord Jesus Christ to heal every sickness and infirmity, visit and heal also Your servant Eaglei's son from all physical and spiritual ailments through the grace of Your Christ. Grant him patience in this sickness, strength of body and spirit, and recovery of health. Lord, You have taught us through Your word to pray for each other that we may be healed. I pray, heal Your servant Eaglei's son and grant to him the gift of complete health. For You are the source of healing and to You we give glory, Fa
  8. Praying and holding your family in thought today. Peace and the Love of God be with you all.
  9. :grouphug: O Lord our God, the Physician of our souls and bodies, look down upon Thy servant Eaglei's son and cure him of all infirmities of the flesh, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with Whom Thou art blessed, together with Thy Most Holy, Gracious, and Life-giving Spirit, always, now and forever, and unto ages of ages. Amen. :grouphug:
  10. Glory to God. Thank you for sharing your good news.
  11. Lord have mercy. The strength, courage, and piety of your son and family are so humbling to read about. May you all continue to grow and heal under the guiding light of your faith. Lord have mercy.
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