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Why doesn't WTM recommend Henle?

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I am trying to finalize my decision about latin for next year, so I went back to TWTM to re-read its recommendations for logic and rhetoric stage latin. Henle is not mentioned. (I have the first edition)


Does anyone know why Susan didn't recommend Henle? Sometimes she will make comments about her recommendations when questioned at a convention, etc., so I'm just wondering if anyone has heard her reasons...



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The newest edition on the WTM does recommend Henle. I noticed this last night because we are using Wheelocks. The older edition doesn't recommend Henle probably because Memoria Press did not have the large selection of Latin texts at that time. It is my understanding that Henle does not follow the Latin Primer series as well as Wheelocks. (Different translation?) If I remember correctly she said to use all four years of Henle by the end of HS.


I had both of my WTMs our last night planning my Great Books course, so I have been comparing her recommendations.

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edition of TWTM, and it does recommend Henle for the logic stage. I have not used Wheelock's, and I know it's supposed to be an excellent text. However, comparing Henle and Wheelock's, I think Henle is a better choice for this age because there are fewer concepts and vocabulary words introduced at a time. There is so much to remember with Latin grammar, and Henle takes them at a slightly slower pace. You're not getting a dumbed-down grammar with Henle, though; just paced differently.


Generally speaking, if you finish Henle I, you would award two years of credit for h.s. level Latin.


If I could do Henle over with my kids, I would combine it with Lingua Latina or another reading program to help keep them more engaged. Just doing Henle by itself can get a little dry.

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I just thought I would clarify that I'm not teaching Wheelocks. I couldn't keep up with HS Latin and still school my younger two, so I signed dd up for an online Latin class. We are using Artesian Wells tutorials. Before I found this class I was thinking of using Henle because of all the teaching help that Memoria publishes.


It has been a dream of mine to be able to read Latin, so I'm going to try to keep up with my ds who is just starting his Latin studies.

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