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Ms. Riding Hood

Apologia Physics and AP/SATII prep

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Apologia sciences sometimes get a bad rap around here and while I certainly respect everyone's differences of opinion and the various preferences and needs of individual students, I also like to put in a positive word for Apologia when I can because it has been such a great science resource for our family.


I've written before about using Apologia chemistry with great success as preparation for the AP Chemistry exam, and now I wanted to add testimony for Apologia physics. Ds used both of the Apologia physics courses this year and then took the AP Physics B exam and the SAT II Physics exam, scoring a "5" on the AP and an 800 on the SATII (the highest scores you can get on both tests). I'll be the first to admit that ds is a uniquely gifted science student and a great test taker, but his only preparation in physics came from his Apologia books and a couple of study guides at the end. He did say that there was one area on the AP exam which Apologia didn't cover (or at least didn't cover in depth), and that there was a question about that very thing on the exam--but he had covered this enough with his study guide and was able to get through it.


I don't mean to suggest that Apologia is the best thing out there and that everyone should use it to obtain these stellar results. :) I just want to throw this out there for people who really want to use it, but have some hesitation or concern because they think it is somehow less rigorous than other texts. Maybe it is, but I guess it still gets the job done. HTH!

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We are still stuck about physics. I'd like ds to take it online, he's not crazy about online classes, the university isn't an option for a couple of reasons and we don't have a locally outsourced venue. So, Apologia is looking sweeter and sweeter everyday. A big plus would be the scheduling flexibility he'd have with Apologia.


Can you give me more information about how your son worked through both books in a year? Did he do them simultaneously or one after another? Can you just take a leap and do the Advanced Physics book, perhaps using the regular Physics book for reference if necessary?


And, do you have a schedule by any chance or did you all just keep marching through?


Thanks so much! This is the last thread in ds' 2008-09 schedule and we need to get it tied up.

Blessings ~


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He did the courses one after another--finished physics and then began advanced physics sometime in January. I asked him about skipping the first book and using it as reference and he said he didn't think that would work too well. He didn't follow a schedule, but worked through about one module each week--"marching through".


Good luck with wrapping up this one loose thread!

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