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Chronological History Ideas Needed


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I need some suggestions on what might be a good fit for my two youngest boys (5th and 8th -- one is VSL/smart but immature and the older is severly dyslexic/dysgraphic so independent reading is not an option). We worked through most of MFW CTC this year and for the most part it was good because we were reading from the Bible every day but the history stuff - hmmm? I was hoping for more indepth study of the Egyptians (I added some) and then there was a wee bit of the Greeks and stuff but didn't seem to work all together so you got a foundation (I'd perhaps compare it to a spiral math program versus mastery- so I guess what I need is a mastery type of history). The biggest issue that seemed to both my boys was reading from this book, then look at this book, and sometimes listen to another book. Too much switching around. They enjoy some hands-on, especially my vsl kiddo where I want to develop some more artistic skills.


I suppose we'll study the Middle Ages this year but not sure whether to just move forward with MFW (I know ancients is difficult no matter what you do) or is something else that is more mastery out there that I'm missing. Short readings and discussion and then review time seems to work best - along with some occasional writing I suppose. I'll be working on higher level writing skills with my dyslexic one so I'd prefer history to be more of a relief rather than a big chore.


Ideas? Would MFW work?

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How about one of Memoria Press' guides for middle ages? I think their 5th grade book covers middle ages, and they have a Mills book too for Jr. High. One reading, vocab words & questions, and review questions or flash cards.

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