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Help Needed: Creative Ideas for Lapbooking SOTW1

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I feel creatively bankrupt. I've been trying to put together Lapbooking ideas for our first pass through SOTW1 next year and I need help coming up with ideas for the different chapters.


So far I've done:


Nomads Become Farmers

Egyptian Climate

The Nile Provided

Two Lands of Ancient Egypt

Food Eaten by Ancient Peoples

Copper Age Trading Game

Egyptian Daily Life

Egyptian Gods Cards

Egyptian Gods Matchup (can you tell that I haven't had any trouble thinking up ideas for egypt?? ;))

Life in the Indus River Valley

Uses for Bronze


But I've barely gotten through 1/5 of the chapters and I just can't seem to come up with any more.


I've seen and bookmarked a lot of the lapbooks that are pre-made around the web, but many of them seem beyond the capabilities of my youngest. Because Mim is only just going to be 5, I can't imagine that she's going to be writing out little notebooks or dictating her thoughts on what we're covering. I'd like for the lapbook to be something that she not only enjoys putting together, but something that's fun to go back through to read and play around in/with so that she walks away with something tangible even if she doesn't remember much of anything from the year itself.


I feel like I've got this enormous mental block. Any and all suggestions would be enormously welcome, especially since I love making these lapbooks, I just seem to have completely run out of ideas :(


PS - I hope that I've posted this in the right place, I waffled between here and the Elementary board, but I thought that I might find some more moms that have run through the whole sequence a couple of times if I posted it here.

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