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About the scumbag drug reps....

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Is that the one that never runs out of ink? :D


My dh's job is not always liked by other people, but I think he's a great guy, does a fantastic job, and is very ethical and honest.


If it's any consolation, when dh started his own practice (yes, he's a lawyer---I'm ducking and running!) we had no money, and the first three years or so were an absolutely wild and scary roller-coaster ride. When one of our girls was very sick, our doctor gave us free samples of a new and powerful antibiotic that we otherwise would not have been able to afford. So, I definitely appreciated those free samples that drug reps. give to doctors!


:grouphug: from us, too. And thanks!


The funny thing (not haha funny) about how people talk about lawyers is, they are an easy target for ridicule and jokes but man when you are in need of a good lawyer they are your best friend and can be your lifeline.

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