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Sonlight Science

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It's spiral, so you have a few topic focus' a year and you come back to them over the years. We have used it for several years now and my kids like it. They enjoy the short readings and experiments. The video showing experiments was helpful; and good when we didn't want to do it ourselves, lol.


This year(f) is less fun due to less experiments since its human body. My kids are tired of hearing about puberty! But we really enjoyed the earlier years. It's enough for elementary level and they remember a lot of things from the readings. DS was looking for a book last week about something we read years ago he wanted to see again.


I am glad we tried it and stuck with it for elementary levels.

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Are you thinking SL Sci A? My kids love SL Sci. It is more of a survery or a lot of different things using the Usborne Encyclopedia. My oldest will still pop up with things he learned from his K year. My K student loves it right now. Our favorite part of it is the DVD with experiments. I would say it is pretty solid :)

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