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Virtual goods not delivered?


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Has any one else ever bought an e-book or something from an online 1-person business and then never received it?


I am so annoyed. I bought something a few days ago and still haven't received it. I know small companies are usually busy people, but this "company" has been very active posting stuff on FB, updating their picture, adding links, etc. but I haven't received my e-book.


What would you do? I've already sent 2 emails in the past 2 days, both of which have been ignored.

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I've had that with e-magazine subscriptions, sort-of twice. The first one, they just don't publish regularly, and after a couple of emails, ending with me suggesting that maybe they don't sell subscriptions if there's no product to deliver, I gave up. The other one, I can log on to download but they never tell me when a new issue is up, so I had to put it on my calendar to go & check once a month, through the original signup link they sent me which luckily I hadn't deleted. :/


I agree with posting on their fb wall if a week goes by with no download link. If it's only a couple days, though, it's probably worth waiting, as their email person may not be their facebook person.

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