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Plato's Republic

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Is there an online version that has numbered lines? I can't find one, so I gues I'll have to purchase the book. ;)My husband keeps asking me if I'm finished ordering stuff for school (i.e. "Will the Visa bill be back to nomal next month?"). I've said yes, yes several times, and then I discover one more thing.....:tongue_smilie:


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I just can't imagine that you would want to read this book online. If you don't want to buy it, borrow it from the library. It's usually sitting there on the shelf. I checked out and used 3 different translations when we were reading this. If you don't feel you can borrow it for whatever reason, get one from a used book store. Definitely don't order it online unless you are sure you are getting the translation you want.

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I have my MIL's copy from when she went to college. The print is quite teeny and it is 263 pages long. Best to do as Susan suggested - look for a copy at a used bookstore or the library. I would personally suggest going for a used copy, so it can be highlighted.

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