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Typing question..

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I've let learning to type/keyboarding skills go too long and I need to buy a program for Dc. I can either buy one for the mac laptop, which is new and reliable, or for our old dell desktop, which we think will die sometime in the near future.


I find typing on the desktop much easier b/c the keys are elevated and angled. The laptop's flat keyboard is annoying to me and I would think it would be harder to learn on. So, which would you buy, a program for the mac, or the PC?


(After yet another problem with the pc last week, even dh is saying the next desktop will be an Apple.)

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I'd buy Mavis Beacon through the Mac App Store. In fact, this is exactly what I did. You'll have access to the program on all your Macs this way. I think it's better to invest in the Mac as you said your DH is looking to replace the Dell with another Mac. Even with another Mac, that flat keyboard is still going to be an issue for you, but it won't be for your kids if that is what they learn on.

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