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Could use some advice please....


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I pulled my Kindergartener(very advanced) and 2nd grader from public school in the middle of November. We got through 4 good weeks of school until we decided to do a major full gut kitchen remodel. We had to be out of the house on many occasions, and it was just an utter mess! I tried to do school some, but the noise was a complete distraction, and I was interrupted tons. So, we have takes 4 weeks off of school (including Christmas) and have just finished our kitchen remodel.. So it is back to school tomorrow. My question is... I can see that we will not finish our books by the summer, and I have 3 older children in private and public school and I do not want to be doing school with my youngers while my older ones are home. I am wondering what is important to really focus on for the remainder of the year?


We are using:

Rod and Staff Reading 1 and 2. There are tons of writing in the workbooks, and so I am thinking about having them read 2 stories a day and just having them narrate it to me?

Rod and Staff English 2... I am thinking of ditching this and just start R&S 3 next year??? Yes? No?

Rod and Staff Spelling 2.. She is already on lesson 20, so we can finish it this year.

Teaching Textbooks 3... We HAVE to continue this until it is done:(

WWE 1 and 2... I guess we will continue this as well?

History and Science.. We have not even really started anything with either of these. I want to do a quick overview of American and the start the MFW cycle possibly next year? Help?? As for Science, I just thought we would read books and begin a science curriculum next fall.


They both also have novels they are alway reading and narrating to me.


I guess I am feeling guilty if we don't get everything done... but you know life happens... and when hubby said we could do a kitchen remodel then of course I jumped on that wagon real fast!! LOL


Any advice??

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Focus on the basics, any reading/phonics instruction, and math lessons. The rest, hit the library and read good books.


I agree. I'd definitely keep math, phonics/reading and writing going.


Spelling -- I guess it depends on the program you're using. If it's phonics-based and is reinforcing their reading, then it might be good to keep it going; otherwise, it can be slowed down for a bit.


Since they're reading and narrating novels, and practicing narrating in WWE, maybe you could just shelve the R&S reading program? Or definitely modify it to narrations as you suggest.


Grammar can definitely wait.


Science and history can be added in other ways for now -- maybe pick a read-aloud that is history-based, or watch some good science DVDs on a movie night, or intentionally observe nature the next time you're out for a walk.

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