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  1. I feel that MCT deserves a place as an option in TWTM, as it is an excellent grammar / vocab / poetry program for some parents and their students. I have used MCT in combination with WWE (having first tried FLL for two years), and have been impressed with how much the program inspires delight in language. My daughter is particularly word-hungry, and the richness of MCT was exactly what she needed. Like others have said, MCT is to LA what Beast Academy is to math -- not necessarily for everyone (what program is?), but for some it's necessary.
  2. Well, thank you! I *need* some points! I'm a Canadian who knows next to nothing about Texas, so I haven't been scoring points yet. I'm sure I'd love it Texas if I knew it better. For one thing, I'll bet there's no snow there right now, unlike here. Maybe I should move.
  3. I love this. I don't have kiddos ready to tackle it, but I'm loving it all the same. Thank you!
  4. DD6: "Mom, could we just play math while we eat lunch today?" DD5: "Or we could even skip lunch and just play math instead!" "Playing math" involved finding square numbers ...
  5. I think this may fit. (I haven't shared it with anyone IRL, but I've been dying to tell someone.) Several months ago, my newly-6-year-old daughter was listening to me read aloud The Reluctant Dragon when we arrived at a scene where the dragon is quoting lines from A Midsummer Night's Dream. (I don't have the book here or I'd give you the lines.) I was about 5 words into the scene when she shouted out in glee, "Oh, Mommy -- he's pretending to be Titania!" and fell off of her chair laughing ... while quoting the rest of the speech along with me. This week, we came across this line in Edith Nesbitt's Five Children and It: "Lending ears was common in Roman times, as we learn from Shakespeare ..." Right away my daughter jumped up and down. "Hey! She's talking about Mark Antony's speech in Julius Caesar!" I do not have enough books in our house for this kid ...
  6. Hi, Lynnita! I'm exploring the inner-workings of this forum and thought I would try leaving a visitor message. :) Next time I'm going to try using the "Go Advanced" button, but I think that is a little above my skills right now.



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