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  1. I feel that MCT deserves a place as an option in TWTM, as it is an excellent grammar / vocab / poetry program for some parents and their students. I have used MCT in combination with WWE (having first tried FLL for two years), and have been impressed with how much the program inspires delight in language. My daughter is particularly word-hungry, and the richness of MCT was exactly what she needed. Like others have said, MCT is to LA what Beast Academy is to math -- not necessarily for everyone (what program is?), but for some it's necessary.
  2. If you aren't already using the Mental Math and additional games in the Singapore HIGs, I recommend starting there. I found that ten Mental Math questions daily made a significant difference in keeping mental math skills sharp. If the difficulty actually lies in understanding of place value and regrouping, you could give a daily warm-up of a couple of three-digit addition or subtraction problems and talk through the mental math strategies for approaching them. Begin by reviewing what each digit of each number represents, using manipulatives if you have them. (I used c-rods and Base-10 hund
  3. We use BA as a supplement with Singapore (and we use CWP and IP as well). We don't do every problem in CWP or IP, and we've been taking Beast as it's been available, not worried if we're "behind" in Beast vs. the Singapore level. My dds love Beast enough that they do it for fun, so it never feels like too much.
  4. I'm just entering Gr. 5 with my eldest, so this is definitely *not* BTDT experience! Something that isn't just numbers, has words, or graphics ... would Beast Academy be something you'd consider? It's very conceptual, very puzzly, lots of fun art, and definitely more than just numbers. You could start at 3A with a rising Gr. 5 student (others have) and still find it challenging. Or maybe MEP?
  5. I agree with others -- I really would not repeat material with a student who is trying, who scores well, and who is still frustrated. It's possible that it's too easy for him and he needs something more interesting and challenging. Beast Academy would definitely be worth a look; I'd start with 3A regardless of your student's grade level. ETA: I had a similar experience with Saxon when my eldest was in Gr. 1 -- lack of confidence, discouragement, and a daily slog. We switched away and she would now say that math is one of her favourite subjects. She takes Beast Academy to bed with her for f
  6. I used and enjoyed Singapore Essentials. The key for us was actually *doing* the activities at the bottom of each page before doing the writing portion of the page. The first book starts out easy, but it definitely increased in difficulty before the second. We used Miquon at the same time and were very happy.
  7. While it's not an official Miquon site, Education Unboxed is a good online resource for parents using Miquon. We loved Miquon here!
  8. Congratulations! That's so inspiring -- thank you for sharing!
  9. This guy is not safe. My husband is a PS teacher, and has had lots of training in how to safely use social media with students. (The short version: don't do it, ever.) That this person would be a PS teacher and not be alert to those issues, especially after a parent raised concerns, is a *huge* red flag. On top of the inappropriate behaviour, he is lying to you about his "email problems" and inability to text you. If he can figure out how to text/email students, he can figure out how to include you. A leader who engages in inappropriate communication with minors and lies about it is extrem
  10. We love Beast here! I would definitely start with the first level (3A), as it presents familiar topics in atypical ways. You don't want to miss those. I also would not skip the practice books, as they are gold. I have lots of post-secondary math, and still found some of the problems hard. (And am eternally grateful for the very complete solutions at the back of the book!) If your ds finds them easy, great -- he'll get through the program that much faster! My dds vary at their rate of consumption of these books. Some chapters and even books were absolutely devoured in a matter of we
  11. I've tried both ways of adding in word problem practice (a stand-alone day, and integrating in our daily routine). Our favourite has been to do a bit daily, or at least several times a week. For starters, I don't use the PSPS books at the same time that I am using the CWP. For 1-3 months, I work through a level of PSPS with my student, using it as much as an instructional guide as a workbook. We do a problem together as an example, I assign her one (or two) to do, and we discuss the strategy. We frequently recap strategies that we've discussed so that she's got that list of options on her
  12. I'd agree with others: MM and Singapore are very similar in teaching style and conceptual approach. They're both excellent programs. My dd did not respond well to the look of MM, but she loved Singapore. (She kept calling it "the fun math!") That's the main reason behind our preference of Singapore over MM. And although Singapore isn't as independent as MM, for my dds who think that math is a social event, this is a *good* thing about Singapore. :001_smile: I do find that the multiple books gives me more flexibility to tailor the program. Not trying to change your mind -- if multiple
  13. I think I posted our plans on the other thread, but I'll give the updated version here. :D Math: Singapore 5, BA (anything available), and supplements like Alien Math, Zaccaro, DragonBox Vocabulary: Caesar's English Writing: W&R Chreia / W&R Refutation and Confirmation Grammar: Grammar Revolution and Killgallon Literature: Figuratively Speaking plus several novels that we'll treat as the basis for discussion. Continue with lots of good books and Shakespeare, both independently and together. Science: Geology, Meteorology, and Astronomy with BFSU, TOPS, documenta
  14. We love MCT here, and I think that using it along with Fable would be excellent. I've used Paragraph Town along with some of the other levels of W&R this year and have enjoyed the combination. I wouldn't think you would need to wait to use Fable, but if you find it's rocky, you could always pause and do something with more copywork for the first few months. Fable is designed to be completed in 10 weeks, so you will have lots of time to lead into it next year. (I know nothing about ELTL and can't comment there.)
  15. We just started tomatoes today and expect to harvest lots before the end of the season. Pepper, eggplants, herbs were started a few weeks ago, so I wouldn't bother with those. Of course, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, greens can still be started.
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