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Full Spectrum Lightbulbs? Gimmick?


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We have a LOT of fluorescent long shopping centre type tubes in our house (perhaps the last person thought it was cheaper to get them rather than glasses or was afraid of his own shadow? who knows), its complete overkill, like being in a supermarket 24/7. And definitely not good for DS, so....


I was looking at Lamp bulb costs, energy efficiency etc (I want to create that lovely homey feel of just lamps in the home, but not drain too much on electricity) and anyyyywayy, whilst I was researching, I came across a waldorf school that replaced all their fluorescent and incandescent with full spectrum lightbulbs. Reading about it on Wiki is pretty much saying its a gimmick (at least thats what I took away from it)


WDYT? Are they a gimmick? Are they worth it? Do they work with dimmers? I was thinking it would obviously not be good for all over the house for the lamps (they look exxy from what I can tell) but was thinking it would be perfect for the normal overhead lights in the kids bedroom, toy room and Atelier to replace the current room bulbs if they are that good.


P.S. If anyone here has an ideal solution for being energy efficient with lamps and creating that subtle warm atmosphere, I'm all ears (we already have one of those push on hand lamps that require batteries, don't want anymore of them or fairy lights. And definitely no candles, im talking non-supervision lamps here, I can't leave the children playing with a flame somewhere nearby obviously)


I know its an unusual question, but most people here are quite knowledgable :) Thanks!

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I'm an electrical engineer, and used to be heavily involved in lighting design and lamp selection, but not so much in the last 10 years or so. I haven't hear of these in my applications, but that might not be surprising.


However, I went to a credible source for info (Osram Sylvania, a major lamp manufacturer) and found this white paper:


I think what they're saying without saying it is that the claims are mostly bogus. Or at least not scientifically documented.

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