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LEAH Convention in New York

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I go to the LEAH convention every year. I will honestly say that the vendor hall has decreased (not dramatically but a little, I believe CHAP has had some of the same issues) in the past couple of years but I know they are working on bringing in more vendors. The speakers usually do have a Christian bent to them but not all of them. I always find that I cannot make it to all the sessions I want to. My LEAH chapter does buy the cds so I get to listen to them but sometimes it is not the same. You can check the website http://www.leahconference.com/# and they will be adding to it as more vendors sign up (the list in Jan is usually a lot shorter than May's list) and they do the schedule of sessions a little closer to the date.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I've been to the LEAH convention in Rochester twice. It is somewhat religious but not enough to bother me. I just skip the booths and talks that are really religious. There were plenty of secular sellers and speakers. That said, materials which are religious but not overly so don't bother me, we still use them, not sure how I would feel about it if I wasn't ok with that.

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